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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

My advent blog...day two.

This my advent blog. Something to tell to you of that you may not have heard elsewhere, or of my worries or concerns about life. You may be able to relate to the themes I shall express so please enjoy.

So to paint the second picture or window, here goes! I decided to look out for the joyous moments of the day, the triumphant moments and whatever seemed to be faithful in nature.

Last night I found a film for my dad to watch, a Clint Eastwood film from the 'Dirty Harry' movies. I forget the title, but dad amazingly to me watched every minute. Whether he understood or followed the plot I do not know. At each break for the adverts he did not know if the film had finished...clearly he must have assumed the adverts to be part of the film. Triumph!

He also slept well and the next day his daily carer was able to get him from his slumber, washed and dressed with great professionalism. After breakfast and some housework I took my dad into town. Here he met someone he knew, but could not at first remember or recall until they exchanged names. When my dad realised and his distant memory kicked in he was beaming and smiling.

And then as we visited the centre for the elderly he recalled the care coordinator and the leader of the dementia suite. I was amazed and proud my dad had remembered them so well having only ever met them briefly to my knowledge. Joyous!

In the town we met up with my wife, bear in mind in doing this 24/7 care I have not seen my family for several days. Together we went back to our house for a cuppa, my wife talked about her day and what she had been doing. In her face was a look of sadness, missing me, missing that little help I would have done around the house, missing me earn some dollar for the day gardening, missing my distant love, a shoulder to cry on and lean on when needed.

I expressed a fear that she were doing to much and should relax, slow down for her sake for she had hurt herself this morning. I suppose we were both sad, but had a deep understanding of our family situations with caring keeping us apart. And our children are coming to terms, slowly, with this predicament. Faithfulness!

But on this day our MP's are debating and likely to vote for military action in Syria...will this action make any difference in securing peace in our world today. Can we really eradicate the cause of this action. Ponder these thoughts and reflect on the song O Come all ye Faithful. 

Enjoy your second chocolate

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