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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My advent blog...day one.

This my advent blog. Something to tell to you of that you may not have heard elsewhere, or of my worries or concerns about life. You may be able to relate to the themes I shall express so please enjoy.

To paint the first picture or window, my mother is in rehab recovering from a broken hip and I am 24/7 caring for dad whom has dementia. Today, when we visited my mother in rehab, she introduced me to a new patient next to her, Eileen. This lady was recovering from a fall and a hip replacement.

Eileen told me she were 93 years of age, lived alone in her own home, with a large garden. Being very well and active for her age, Eileen loved her garden. Of course there are jobs that she could no longer do like mowing the grass so has in a regular person to mow the lawn. She would potter around her garden doing most other jobs herself. 

But, then one day, recently, she fell whilst bending to tend her garden. Not sure of what happened, she felt pain and could not get herself up. She called out for help, but no one heard or came. She had the gumption, despite the agony to crawl some 50 yards down the side alley of her home, grappled the latch of the gate in some godly miracle, and dragged herself to the front, the path, the road whereby she stopped a passerby whom called for an ambulance.

This story of her plight to me sounded so sad. Each elderly person in this rehab has a story to tell of how they fell, most are living alone at home and each will be set a goal by the rehab to return home. It happens every day, every week in every place. Some will not return home. 

For those whom still have a partner at home, then family or friends step in to care, like me caring for my dad. So as you open this window may I remind you of the song I'll be home for Christmas. 

Enjoy your first chocolate

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