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Saturday, 14 June 2014

mybin..."hey binman do yer job"

It's my Bin

Now what can I say...put my bins out for collection day, the blackish bin is for non-recyclable household waste and the green one is for food. Simples! Place bins at the boundary of your home. Simples! Er, what does that mean...well they were on the concrete neatly placed by hedge and not on the public footpath.

I am certain it states on the council website that your binmen will replace the bins back on your property boundary....ah don't be funny! This is what happens to our bins and especially the food bin, never placed down, just dropped so its bound to tumble away.

This is total disrespect and disregard for my bin...and public safety...yes in the time I took photo, and posted on Facebook with my moan about it, I could have picked up the bin and put it away...true!  But what would have happened had some old lady, handicapped with blindness, tripped over my bin or if the postie did not see it whilst reading addresses on those letters...yes that's another bug bear!

Everyone loves to moan, and some lively debate is always generated on each subject, but mine must have hit the record books...almost 50 likes for the pic and almost 180 comments of great debate as to the do's and don'ts of our binmen.
Yes of course it all starts off with those saying things like if I have anything better to do; just pick it up...but by jove this turned out to be serious...I was not the only victim, there were more and worse:-
Susan: "We have the same problem, quite often I have to get out of my car to move the bin from the middle of the driveway before I can get up the drive. Hard as it's a busy road....."
Jon: "Are you referring to the small bin on the pavement? Perhaps the wind took it or moved by an animal? Can't help but think in the time it's taken you to take the picture you could have put the bin away it is after all just a bin?"

Kirsty: "Can't work out if this is serious post or not ... If it is then u have too much time on ur hands to moan about a small bin u can easily move urself and isn't goin to kill anyone lol"
Left in the middle of the drive...yep had that before! It's just a bin...it's my bin and I am very attached to it thank you! Serious...of course it is! As for it being windy...no, no, no this was a  glorious sunny day with no breath of wind to be heard.

All day my phone was buzzing, some comments were seriously distasteful, removed by site admins so as not to cause offence, but the majority were on my side of the debate...so much so that any political party that dare promise for your bins be placed back neat...and that is what we all want to see...then that political party would sweep into Westminster with an overwhelming majority!

 Even ex binmen were disgusted at this laziness...but there were those speaking out in defence of the binman's job. Such as how could they possibly remember where to replace the bins...they deal with 1000's of bins each collection. They do a good job certainly and yes its it's smelly and songs have been written.

Everyone surely knows "My ole man's a dustman"...but this was written back in good old days of Great Britishness. So, it happened that people were debating this into the evening and the next day...after all I was not going to let my 15 minutes of fame slip away.  So I gave my bin a little luxurious break:



It deserves better...
Yes,  my bin does it job, its not a cat bed or a dog poo loo, it serves for all that food waste from the likes of Tesco and Walmart shopping sprees. But to be just chucked down, it deserves better...What? you tipped all the food waste in the same compartment on the dustcart as the general waste. That's the biggest political, environmental lie of all...is it not. Worm your way out of that dear Mr Clegg!? And your buddy, Mr Cameron!!!? Oh and you big man in good ole country of Uncle Sam...because this is not a problem in the UK...its a problem for the whole of the first world!
My bin deserves better, if you in power wish to bring in bin police with the power to fine those not recycling correctly, then get your binmen to actually replace the bins where they found them...this is a big bug bear, along with pot holes and postmen who screw up your mail and forcefully push it in your letterbox...my blood boils sometimes!
This is the life...

Now my bin is famous, this is the life...bring me more waste James! Yes, one must live like the upper crust when famous. But, I now have to go, for its bin day on Monday so have to sort the shite for recycling...that plastic goes in there, this plastic goes in there and that plastic must be in there. And whoa betide if I find my bin down the street or left with the lid open...lol! It's famous now...got it!
So God bless one and all. Think Greenpeace, amen.

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