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Saturday, 7 June 2014

A poem of thanks...

I have battled an illness you cannot see,
Had ups and downs,
But not too close to tragedy.

My heartfelt thanks for avoiding this mess,
Goes out to the ones that love me best,
My wife, best mate, one and all,
For being strong and will not let me fall.

To Jamie T, for plates to see,
Kindest faith in believing in me,
To my children who hate the smell,
Of cut grass "oh, what the hell!".

To my friend for his advice,
Deep down AB your really nice,
To Carole and Corinna you were so just,
The milestones to show such trust,
In me, in me, in me!

I feel so different now, enjoying work,
Gardening is what I do, so don't cry Mum I will get round to you,
As it is the talking and listening that are the best,
To Jean, Daisy, Lynn, Trish, Josie, Penny and June,
Your issues are greater than mine and yet you make life so, so rich...Amen.

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