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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Homework Dad!

A shortened blog today all because our son has a problem doing his homework...with a few "whatever's" and "...'kin'els" . What am I hearing, canals!...they are for barges and boats?!

Well, I shout "Homework!"

"Yes Dad...can I do it later?"

"No, do it now then go out"

"Oh but...whatever...kinel..." Says he, dragging himself round as if gravity has much greater force on this 12 year old than any other person in the world.

"You gotta do Brazil...what do know?"

"Starts in two weeks!"

"Aw I dunno what ter write..." More like cannot write or cannot be bothered.

So what mugging has to help and do most of his geography...either Mum or Dad. I mean what do we know?

Yep, that's what they say to us...so why not learn it yourself...oh I see can't get off Facebook, FIFA or Pokémon. How is all that going to help with geography? Ah, the world cup is taking place in Brazil...no son never heard of those stadia...I mean what do I know....!

Well he better get a good grade. Two weeks later, get school report, a no homework mark. "Well son, what happened to your Brazil homework that I did?"

"Still in my bag dad...forgot to hand it in"

I give up. Help me God. Amen.

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