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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Why can't you see when I am ill...(part five)

The counselling that I had was fantastic, probably due to the fact that this counsellor was very good at doing their role, such as the clever way in appearing aggressive towards me which certainly tested my resolve, made me see that just because a person is in a wheelchair that they may be perfectly happy with their life and to feel sorry for such a person is because we perceive at first before getting to know someone.

So each session was like a building block, a piece of art, all to make sure that I took and made the correct positive move and to ensure that the art was perfect…a masterpiece if you like! And I was doing all this to hopefully walk back into work with my head held high.

“Had a really positive counselling session today...now to make it really positive and take control at my RTW.”

Wife:  Just go with it. Whatever happens on Thursday I'm here for you?

Mark N:  Tell them to stick the RTW mate if you’re not ready ;)

Joan:  That's great to hear; hopefully things will soon be better for you. Xxxx

Even though I felt good from my counselling, stepping into that meeting room at work was like being thrown to the lions. The HR manager was a true professional, bitch. With a business degree I should have expected this, they were there to protect the company and they did that in the true text book style.

My line manager was there, he had promised me in a phone call a position at work I would have been happy with, yet in that meeting I was offered a lesser role and when I challenged them on this he denied it…an emphatic no he claimed! My mind was full of swear words and had the union representation not been there, and I was in a hope relying on them to respond, I would have gone into full flow swearing mode.

He lied! He lied…was he scared of the bitch that was in charge? Probably or he was very well coached more like. The HR manager was in control, went on the attack, exposed symptoms of my mental state as pathetic…classic discrimination it was and I did not respond. Then a list of mistakes all taken way out of proportion…this was a RTW that was going nowhere!

The union rep ended the meeting, perhaps the only positive thing that they did, set a new date for a follow up so that I could formulate my response and the company re-think theirs. I put together a very good business like letter which in my terms clearly pointed out breaches of contract. It was do its trick because at the next meeting the company had put together a package which was tempted to lure me back…but deep down I knew what was best!

In between even the site rep had been forced to lie to me, under pressure from the company, and with various telephone calls taking place, and put under instruction to myself to put everything in writing, my wife went on the attack and told the company to do so themselves…my wife was protecting me, supporting me, loving me!

So my mind was set, the tempting package would have put more stress on me. Why could they not see that, obviously blind and if I had taken it I would have fallen flat again. I wanted out! This was not a nice place to be anymore...I simply wanted out!

(to be continued...)