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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Farewell Tamba

Farewell Tamba

We will miss you staring with those Shrek eyes,
Wanting your dinner,
Always at five o clock,
Always dead on time.

We will miss your perkiness,
Looking for treats,
Or bringing that ball to us,
For us to throw for you to play.

We will miss taking for a walk,
Sniffing at other dogs,
Sniffing their scent,
Everywhere you went.

We will miss you sleeping,
In our room keeping us awake,
Your snoring,
And sometimes barking at noises in the middle of the night.

We will miss your dog hair,
Matted on our carpet,
Or the sound of teeth on metal,
As you licked your bowl bare.

We will miss you barking,
Whimpering at the dogs next door,
Or your waiting at the fence,
For a biscuit from the toddlers,
It's you that they adored.

We will miss calling you,
For dinner or walkies,
Your excitement would show,
As we open the cupboard door.

We will miss taking you,
In the back of the car,
Down to the promenade,
For that walk along the front.

We will miss you dear Tamba,
A lovely dog you were,
Smooth haired Collie,
A breed so rare.

It were the hardest decision,
But you had something inside,
The pain will go on hurting,
Without you at our side.

But doggie heaven now is your home,
And do not worry Tamba,
For you are not alone,
For I am sure God has ready,
A room especially for you.

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