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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A gardening poem

Tis the growing season again

Tis the growing season yet again,
First were the snowdrops, 
Then colourful crocus,
Majestically tall daffodils,
And shrubs into bud.

In shops are violets and pansy,
To plant in those beds,
Or to make hanging baskets,
For your homesteads.

The first cuts to the grass,
Might make it look yellow,
But then come the rains,
To make the grass green.

A rake and a feed,
A scattering of seed,
Will all do good,
Tis the growing season again.

Follow a plan,
To make your gardens look lush,
Don't leave it too late,
Or garden might look tired,
When it could be looking so plush.

So when buying the chocolate,
And hotcross buns,
Plan for your garden,
It's colour and look,
An outdoor space for you to have fun.

Good effort now,
Acquires some work,
And there are bargains to be had,
As shops tempt you with money saving perks.

So you see,
There is a lot going on,
Everything growing,
With the sun and the rain,
Tis the growing season yet with us again.

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