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Friday, 1 May 2015

Sexist East Kent Mercury Report...lol

A Case of Deliberate Sexist Reporting...

Now I am not one for political moaning...absolute bloody lie...what me? Oh I admire Maggie the Iron Lady, not for what she did, but she was a leader and led well. Had the guillotine been at her disposal then she would have chopped off more heads then Henry VIII.

But we are still under the influence of Thatcherism long after her death and that is despite being in the pit of austerity. So what does the future bode...well more austerity, tinged with a return to some old Thatcherite policies if our dear friend Mr. Cameron gets in for a second term.

So what if Labour get in, is Ed up to leading us with is Skunk like hair and rat face eyes. And will he be in partnership with the Scottish lady, Ms Sturgeon, "Mary Queen of Scots reborn"... Yep she will be a tough one! And does the other Ed have the Balls to give us more and yet spend less.

Well, most will be having to make up their minds in the next seven days or less...endless leaflets dropped through your door, people with different coloured rosettes knocking on your door like bloody Jehovah's.

But I ask you, if you have a Labour poster in your window and some nerd asks "Are you voting Labour? Can we count on your support?"....der...of course!

Political programmes, adverts, broadcasts, who has done what and when and who was to blame for the mess...what the dog mess...ha ha! And then there are your local rags, profiling all the candidates, giving you some idea if you haven't made up your mind yet.

But, get this...my local rag has profiled the five main hopefuls. Now we have two female contenders, one for Labour and one for Lib Dems and three male contenders: one Tory boy, UKIP and a Green.

Now clearly hidden in its layout is the clear agenda of our local rag, unbiased, non political support but sexist to say the least. Now the Greens have been given very little edited space...so small you would think this is the editor or reporter.

So the rag has detailed the two female prospectives on one page and has the last two male contenders on the opposing page. My dear local rag have you deliberately pitted male against female..sexist point one!

Then look at the photo presentation..our two ladies have passport size pictures displayed whilst for the Tory boy and UKIP no-hoper...well they have purposely taken photos, six times larger in size then the lady hopefuls...sexist point two!

So does this,  I wonder, mean that my local rag is trying to draw your interest more towards the Tory boy and UKIP outsider and drawing you away from Labour or LibDem because they are ladies...pure sexism I proclaim.

Any way, I know who I am voting for on the day, for I have only seen one contender...not the Tory boy whom I have not seen; nor UKIP chappie; LibDem; well she could be anywhere...and the Greens...well had them for dinner...lol!

That's all folks! I gladly await my local rags response!

God bless. Amen.

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