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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Peace...relative peace! What's that?

As I write and yet again British warplanes have again made mission to bomb lands in the Middle East, I have realised that my eldest daughter is as old as the time that the West has been fighting so called terror...24 years.

Indeed, all my children have been born into this era of war on terror, so I ask Peace...relative peace, what's that? I can recall a photograph, in a history book, of Spanish Army Officers, a picture taken of their capture during the Spanish Civil War...yet it is the caption that remains vividly in my mind; "...captured officers in the Spanish Civil War. Shortly after the taking of this photo all were shot dead!"

I was only young when I read that...so...that is what war is about. It's them or us attitude. And man will always be at war...we make film about it, plays about it, games about it and write about it.

Life is a struggle...

As in war life is a struggle unless you have the correct equipment to deal with that daily struggle. Can one really find relative peace. No, either the struggle of  life or war or something will catch us out.

In essesence peace only lasts for a short time. We may have everything that life could give us to more than meet our needs...but there are many things to put us off our tracks. Things like injury, illness, rules, punishment, argument, debate, breakage, accident, death, mental well being...just imagine the person whom develops poor mental health. Oh and of course money!

A lot of money and care and research is ploughed into war injuries...and so it should because our soldiers do not and did not deserve that path. And so they then have a new struggle. For them there will never ever be relative peace.

However, we must not forget those that are disabled in civilian life either by birth or by accident or illness. Yet once I was confronted by a young lady whom was disabled and when she said hello to me I did not know how to react. In a way I felt sorrowful for her but due to the fact I was having counselling at the time this occurred my councillor said why did I perceive her life to be dire as she in her inner self may be perfectly happy.

So, I must sign off and trust that my words have given you some thought. Life is full of challenges and it is up to us to find ways to cope with them so we can keep our relative peace with the world around us.

Take care, God bless and amen. 

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