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Friday, 19 September 2014

Where is my Clubcard...

Well haven't blogged for almost two weeks now...What? Yep, what the hell! Why? Why?

Perhaps, I am not the person I set out to become...one searching instant fame from a fantastically written blog about a load of crap...you know the brilliantly written piece, so mind bogglingly brilliant that it has instant effect to change our political quagmire or so stupidly captures the imagination of many readers and so snowball into some unstoppable fad...eh called fame! Oh and of course bring me loads of cash...£££££££££££££££££££££££££££.

Then, maybe I have just not found anything to ponder about, or at least think about recently or maybe I am so depressingly bored with a world that seems to quell on bad news...wars, death, political righteousness, unkempt religion, accidents, America (gosh even in America there are some niceties...yes??)!

Well, I have written about Tea, wrote of my unpublished book; Plank, commentated on politics, talked of my fight with depression, blogged about this housework lark (still don't get it...men grasping the art of housework), suggested pointless things to do, you know Stobart Spotting (cant do this down under obviously...but I could be wrong!). 

I have written about the joy of my local football club, the day they won at Wembley Stadium. I have written about Mybin...a very serious and sore point for many...gosh sometimes our bins are treated so badly. I have written about my son's learning. I have written about going out to get drunk and the fact I came home sober...der!!! Saddo...!

In fact, I feel quite proud of what I have written, a few enjoyable reads for my small following of readers...but perhaps I have not enlarged my soapbox to gain that stardom I so desire...surely I can do better than Plank. Or maybe I can do a piece about the art of making a cup of coffee...no, no, no! Too many complex ways what with those coffee makers and perky thingy's and all those different blends and textures...I mean when I once went to Italy I expected my coffee to be in a mug not a vessel that almost represented a thimble...and where the heck was the sugar!

Mind you there is also a lot I could talk about...the world has many subjects. Like the game of cricket or I could write about when I was once so stoned that my godly punishment was to help a little old lady carry her shopping home back along the path I had just travelled down in a friends car...my,  never had I laughed so much as to why or what the heck I was doing that day.

So with all that I must now sign off, go and put the news on to see what sad news in the world there is or to see if there is any good...as if!!!!!!!!!! Mind at this unearthly hour of the morning I must be a fool, but I am on a mission to encapture the world with my brilliance in writing a load of tosh.

Oh and before I forget, I have registered Mr Tesco...so where is my Clubcard???????????????

Well, God bless and amen.

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