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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Food production or is it food reduction?

Now I knew my son was selling Mars Bars at school. Nowt wrong with that from what I see but if there is a market why not exploit and make a return.

He would spend his dinner money on a multipack of sweets, on sale for a £1, and sell to his friends for 50p per bar. 100% profit!

"Still trading in Mars?" I asked one day.

"No, Dad."

"Why not?"

"My profits are down by half."


Oh! I wondered as to why, so off I trundle down to our local supermarket and what do I see but new multipacks, not of 4 per pack but now in 3's...three, three...yes three for a pound. Now that's either a price hike or very well thought out marketing ploy...bit of both I say.

Now, I thought buying multipacks was a way of making savings to the consumer. Give this a bit more calculation; a single bar costs almost 80p in some quarters so if you still want four you would buy the 3 pack and a single bar at a total cost of £1 & effing 80p. Like holy crap are you...for an extra 20p you can get six when in the first place you only wanted four!

Over the course of a year what are you going to gain...nothing but a bigger waist band! Oh heck this is getting me confused because then I began to wonder that if the count in the packs is getting smaller or if what is offered is of smaller weight then how the hell is the government going to tell us that inflation is under control...especially so in this an election year. For changing from a pack of 4 to 3 is a 33% inflationary jump...is it not?

What else...
So off I trundle round the shop to get the rest of our shopping. Fancy a nice bit of Battenberg cake...now am I a fool, do I need new glasses or is that remarkably smaller than the last time I purchased it! Think best I take a magnifying glass with me.
Its a bit like going into some fancy restaurant and they serve you something of a miniature form of food art on a 16inch plate and you feel like saying to the waiter, "Where's the rest of it then!"
Take cigarettes, they are now sold in packs of 19...no longer 20 but 19...well at least that's cutting down I suppose. Bourbon biscuits...20 in packet, surely they were once 24...well that's two less for you son!  And thank goodness we don't buy nappies anymore because according to one report I researched they are definitely less by 2 in a pack...serious problem if your little one is big pooher.
Well, its nice in this world to relax with a cuppa tea but I find out they have taken 4 bags out of 80 in some shops:
multiple of 76

The Mail reports this shrinkinflation has been going on since 2001...sneaky sods and the manufacturers claim its down to rising costs...well let you get away that. But when they claim something has less fat, as one shopper points out, of course its has less everything else...lol.

Another dear friend of mine so pointedly said on social media, "Fun size malteasers...but what fun can you have with a count of ten..." Yep, I recently bought some new branded pack of caramel sweeties thinking they look good for the price, but on getting them home to share out there were only 8 bloody sweets in total...12.5p per sweet...that's bloody robbery!

So angry...
Gosh, so angry now...really fancy a nice leg of New Zealand lamb. What the heck...it costs a fortune.  How much are the other three legs I wonder or they just trying it on...they could claim that the right one's are dearer to cut than the left sided legs. I just might ask that "Is the left one any cheaper?" next time I go shopping.
So, by the time I have finished my shop I most certainly feel I have left with less than this time a year ago and probably spent more for less as well...oh and I had to pay for the carrier as well, the cheek of it.
Anyway, I go to my mum's and she offers me some Shredded Wheat...nice to have any time of day and one can never eat three. But as my mum pulls a pack out of the box what do I notice...they have been packed in a different way...sort of rectangilly, oblongilly (new words made by me for the sake of this blog) way so there is two per individual pack...my they use to be three???? Yep, now only 16 biscuits down from 18 in a pack.
Well, its no wonder I have lost weight...I am eating seemingly less for my money! Well, that's my blog over and extreme rant of the year. So take care when shopping and examine those labels and price offers more studiously...whatever next I ask.
God bless and amen.

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