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Monday, 3 October 2016

Swear word poem...

Must be wild
If these be mild
Bugger all
Bloody hell
Big arse

Load of crap
Ginger,  damn
Oh god
Goddam, git
Sod off minger.

And then there's the medium
Of incredible taste
Hey arsehole
Load of balls
Bint? Eh what is bint
An urban word..hint, hint.

Bollocks it's bitch
Full of bullshit
Oh feck
Pissed,  munter
Shit, tits
Son of a bitch.

And then there's these
They're totally wrong
Because they're incredibly strong
Bastard, beaver
Beef curtains
Bet they pong.

Now I take it 
That some of these
Relate to women
I'm Trembling knees
Bloodclaat , clunge
Fanny, flaps and gash

No not that
Minge and snatch
urban heavenly flower
No it ain't it's vagina.

And for the men
It's obvious then
Prick or knob
Oh don't forget cock

And then there's words
Too strong to mention
Some might say
Or of phonic sounds for F and K
Oi you can't say that about mamma!