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Sunday, 6 December 2015

My advent blog...day six.

This my advent blog. Something to tell to you of that you may not have heard elsewhere, or of my worries or concerns about life. You may be able to relate to the themes I shall express so please enjoy.
So to paint the picture or window for day 6. My son played for his team today in a local rugby cup semi-final.
Today, though my son's team lost they played fairly good and gave their opponents a hard fought struggle to win. However, the opponents did not do justice to their own playing flair and were soon at odds with the referee believing they had the right to argue decisions. They also, tried to wind up my sons team with added aggression which failed. And this team's parents, some were also heard to be slightly ungentlemanly.
My son and his team remained unfazed by this conduct and though they had a little crossly banter with their opponents at the end of the game, they came off the pitch holding their heads up high and accepted defeat in valour.
So I ponder you this song Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.
Enjoy for sixth chocolate,

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