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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

My advent blog...day nine.

This my advent blog. Something to tell to you of that you may not have heard elsewhere, or of my worries or concerns about life. You may be able to relate to the themes I shall express so please enjoy.

So to paint a picture or window for day 9. My mother returned home today from rehab, having had an emergency hip operation. 

As part of her on going care firstly she was transported home by hospital transport, visited by the enablement team and called on by a district nurse. So today has seen and been a lot of coming and going by the Angels of our health service.

And as we settle down for the evening my father who has dementia made attempt to place the phone back in its cradle and bemusing to me we were phoned by the police to ask if everything was okay at my parents address.

I explained what may have happened and they confirmed that they had heard my father express himself  replacing the phone, which I did for him. In doing so he must have dialled three nines and they dutifully phoned back...another angel to ensure that everything was alright.

So I ponder you the song While Shephards Watch Their Flocks by Night

Enjoy your ninth chocolate

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