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Friday, 4 December 2015

My advent blog...day four.

This my advent blog. Something to tell to you of that you may not have heard elsewhere, or of my worries or concerns about life. You may be able to relate to the themes I shall express so please enjoy.
So to set the picture or window for day 4. Now I am IT literate, so is my wife, my son and my daughter however we are not blinking software or hardware engineers.
Isn't it frustrating when your hardware fails to work as you so wish, like your printer not printing out and sending everything to print manager or your wireless keyboard having a moment when you cannot type a bloody thing, change the batteries and still nowt works.
Then after a bit of fiddling around, or clicking almost every icon on the screen they somehow magically spring back into life and everything returns to normal. That's after one has had argument with loved ones with cries of "Oh let me try to sort it out" or "Come here let me do it" when in stark reality neither have any idea or clue as to the right solution.
Yes there is the help button and yes we ought have some kind of written reference to troubleshoot in such a time...but we don't and crack on regardless, perhaps unwittingly may have anonymously hacked into some super computer controlling the earth's money or weaponry.
So bearing all this in mind I ponder you the song Do You Hear What I Hear.
Enjoy your forth chocolate.

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