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Saturday, 6 December 2014

My Big Sister....

Haven't seriously blogged for a while now for a few weeks. Entirely not me at all...says he fibbing! Maybe, there is not much at the moment that catches my heart strings, not deep and personal that I can take the Micky out of, or perhaps the world is so full of depressing thoughts to such an extent that I feel that we are all in danger.


I mean asteroids, was once the greatest electronic game ever, simple electronic LED images of a triangular space ship firing out laser beams destroying rocks shaped like nuggets that were approaching you at all angles. So much better than Space Invaders!

And then of recent times we had that those films, Hollywood of course, about asteroids threatening the Earth....Deep Impact was one and the other I recall starred Bruce Willis and a group of miners landing on an asteroid, or was that the same film. Yep, asteroids hurtling round space and maybe hitting on mankind is kind of a worry but it only happens in films....does it not!

No way, WTF, one seriously hit Russia...came out of nowhere, none of space giants, NASA, Jodderal Bank...jeez that didn't even know it was coming. Not even the bloody space station was looking for it, slipped straight past and wham, bang thank you very much.

And then, just of late, mankind has landed some space craft probe on an actual piece of space rock to carry out scientific experiments to find existence of life...ah now that's purpose in life and example as to why one should endeavour to do your Maths at school, you know all those logarithms and tangents and algebra and how many sides in a Rubic Cube shite oh and of course BODMAS....and the ultimate learning for eleven years of your life, the 12 times table only to find out that in the real world of work that you need to learn every table above 12...yes Maths is important, especially so for asteroid exploration.

Yes, we have landed a craft on an asteroid, looking for life and if there is life we have probably pissed off a few bacteria....or maybe we wiped out a whole civilisation with the landing feet of the craft, a civilisation so small, that were so peeved with us landing on Mars and the Moon that they sent out an entire army or fleet of space ships with intent of destroying mankind, they sailed right past the Space Station, slipped past the GCHQ listening masts, went un-noticed by NASA but alas so small they were swallowed by a dog...( tributes to Douglas Adams and that guide).

And then what did I read of recently, and blogged so carelessly over Facebook...we have got to start taking it seriously to look out for asteroids and do something about it as a world now! Remember the one that wiped out the dinosaurs...really...well another one of them is heading our way...or could do!

My Big Sister...

So why the heck have I titled this 'My Big Sister'...well for one I thought I just talk about asteroids,better than talking about, blogging about the war on so called terror in the Middle East. Or talking of the Ebola situation. Sorry folks, but we can overcome these...one day, one day!

Well, to my sister I would like to say...if the big rock does ever come along...that I forgive you for pushing me down the stairs when we were babes, forgive you for pushing my big fat arse through that pane glass window, sorry for knocking your front tooth out when we onced argued. Oh and just to let you know...when we had our school photo taken together it made me cringe (oh the thought).

And I will never forget that day, as you have mostly had your hair short, apart from that bloody stupid perm you once had, and that waiter at that seafront cafe as he presented your refreshments he said unto you, " Here you are little boy!".  Oh the joy, the look on your face could have destroyed any asteroid. There were steam coming out of your ears!

Ah, childhood...and as family do you drift apart in different directions or you stay close. Well we drifted apart but now for purpose we are more ever closer than before. Alas, my bond with my brother is not as strong but I pray that it will. Love you sis, and thanks for being there so to speak. God bless and amen.

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