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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Motorway games...

Well, its the last day of the last bank holiday of the summer...and guess what its gonna rain on those busy roads. The kids will be bored and fed up on the long drive home...so why not play this game:


Its a bit like train spotting but less boring. For one the cabs have names, female names. The drivers have nice uniforms and according to Adrian Mole they ought wave back at you should you wave to them.

And you can buy so much stuff related to Eddie Stobart from pens and key rings to scale models. You can buy a Stobart Spotters book, especially designed for this spotting game. And if you cannot get note of the female names, always on the front of the cab, you can write down the trailer number instead.

The best places to play this game is obviously, up and down the M1 or A1...but always look out for them in those motorway services and Tesco's. Failing that,  one can always play eye-spy or count the lamp posts or cheer out loud as you pass under every bridge.

So, enjoy the last of the summer wine or should that be whine...lol.

God bless and amen.

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