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Friday, 15 August 2014

Google it...

Last week, I set upon a quest to find my town's oldest building...so armed with a smart phone, a begrudging youngster; "What you taking photos of houses for?" and later at home with an iPad, not only did I complete my quest but fascinatingly have found a new past-time to amuse oneself on those rainy summer days.

But as always it is best to do some research on these things so finding out that the oldest building was just a short walk around the corner from my abode meant I would have to ruin my carbon footprint and go for a drive...yeah alright!

So here's a pic of our town's oldest building:

Well, this bit is not...my research tells me that the church was built in Norman times. So going through a few history sites and the church site I find out that the church, over the years had many alterations and additions...Mmm!

My thought was come on son let's go round the back, but even myself is dubious of walking among those old graveyards so did not wish to drag my boy into there...only been down the road five minutes and he was already bored...lol.

So that is where Google Maps comes in so handy...amazingly that Street View car, that so little have witnessed, is armed with the best camera in the world and has captured images that one cannot see or admire from the footpath...peeping over walls, peering down alleys, close up, far away...Google it!

And this is a such a pic...the back of the church:

Ah, now that looks more like it. Built in the 12th Century...my town's oldest building. But my oh my weren't those Normans busy; Dover Castle, The Tower of London and all those churches...so many churches.

Yes, Google allowed me to peep over the wall and what a delightful pic it is, or not depending on your thoughts and religious stance. And that was it, I had found another waste of time...one could go on a " street view" tour of anywhere in the world...well any mapped town or city that is and the residents have not asked for postings to be removed, which one whole street in our town  has obviously done...and good on them too! I wouldn't wish any nosey parker looking in my windows via Google.

The thing is with this street view thingy, it must be done on an iPad. Drop pin on a road map in any town or city of the world and then take a tour...it is just like being there but one has not left their sofa!
Move the screen view around with your fingers until you find a scene that you like and then take a pic with your smart phone. Make up an album and then convince your media peeps and friends that you have been on tour...the best holiday ever!

Make sure you cut, crop, resize, add effects so to personalize your photo's...this makes it more convincing. Don't' leave them like this shot of a building in Wellington NZ;

Leaving a shot of your iPad's casing cover, or leaving in the choice button in the bottom right-hand corner which allows you to go back to the maps...and do not post pics in your collection of those arrows, that would be a dead giveaway that you had not gone but had done so from home...lol.

There is only one thing you cannot do and that is to try and  hide the watermarking's of Google's accreditations...but these are so faint that one would really have to scrutinize your albums and pictures.

If you do so wish to pretend; "Hey look where I have been??!..." make sure you do not show the reflection of the street view mapping car and camera.

Basically, want to go somewhere, or even plan to actually go somewhere then Google is yer man!...
as they say!

Have fun and God bless. Amen.

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