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Saturday, 27 June 2015

A lottery dream

Lottery winner....yessssssssss!

Well being so close to winning last week...you know that big one of £93 million...yep bought a ticket but alas my numbers were either one or two out of those actually called. Shame!

So decided to have another go this week on the normal lotto...after careful deliberation and statistical pondering of recently winning  lines I scientifically chose a lucky dip...looking at my numbers and I thought yep thats a fooking con...not sure if; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are random enough or if the choice of the machine was merely mocking my confidence.

Well, trudged home in a sour mood and tucked the ticket away on the shelf and thought that's another two pound wasted. Fat chance I have. Anyway with nowt on telly, yet again that night worth watching I tuned into the lotto draw.

There were some game show contest going on, trying to win a holiday to...oh no that's such bad luck...Tunisia of all places. So the first draw the Thunder Number...bodes well I thought. Then soon it was the lotto draw....first ball out....YES! Second ball...oh Yesssss! Third ball, then forth, fifth and sixth.

I was dumb founded...I think but was not sure I had won...on the lotto. I checked the rules on line and yes I had won...my numbers had triumphed. I punched the air, jumped up and down on the sofa, screamed at the top of my voice.

So many emotions running through my head and questions on what I would buy. Strangely I looked in my cupboards and made a list...what was I doing? Nerd! Cars, I should look at cars....

So, having confirmed and then collecting my winnings I was at the dealership on the High Street...I was so excited. I had chosen my car...a Roller...pink it was...oh so love that pink! 

I left the dealership with my car...this turn heads I thought...but carefully everything was under wraps...all original packing and carefully placed in a carrier bag. Yep I had bought my first collectible Roller...number plate was: Fab 1. 

My first ever, Thunderbirds toy...the Rolls Royce of Lady Penelope. Well not much you can buy with £74.39...thank you lotto. Oh yes...got all six numbers up but so did another 40000 or so others!

And then I heard that sound, a regular voice of authority, calming yet angry and a shove in the back with, "Darling, your bloody snoring again!"

God bless and amen.