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Friday, 27 March 2015

A day of crime, cake and tea...

Well, I am going to a very first today...a crime writers' convention! Yes, I am going to a meeting where there will be nothing short of murder, mystery and suspense.

Why I am going is a mystery in itself but I have reason because I wrote a 100 word crime novel and entered my writing into the Flash Fiction Competition. So that is the suspense part...will I win??? without knowledge of any other short stories entered then I have no idea what the competition is like in terms of quality of writing, brilliance of comprehension, grammatical excellence.

My story is simple, well it had to be in 100 words. The scene is set and a few words bring you from the past to the present. And there is a twist...at least I think it is a twist. Good enough, well have to wait and see at the convention.

Now going to a crime convention for writers, if I win, I am sure going to upset a few, because there are many, no doubt, who have been writing of dreaded deeds, and have never made a huge success of it, this writing lark. A bit like my blogging, because sure no one bloody reads this waffle...I mean there are hundreds of blogs, about different subjects all over this internet thingy, we can't possibly read them all, more so the ones adorned with pop-up adverts.

My, going off on a tangent there! So, back to this convention...now one will have to ponder on what to wear? Agatha Christie style or hoodie and jeans? Polished shoes or trainers? A few coins in my lean wallet or a wad of Monopoly notes? Panama hat or beanie? Cigarettes or cigar? Oh dear, I think I am going to stick out like a sore thumb...not good if your trying to get away with murder!

Not that I am going to murder anyone, but I will certainly feel a bit odd because I am only going to see if I win...and if I don't then, Then, THen, THEn, THEN...BAM!!!!

" No officer, I had my own cake and drunk tea from my own flask...why were everyone poisoned?? How nasty...tut, tut, tut."

Oh yes, I am going to make sure I am on my guard, treat everyone with suspicious eyes, sit at the back and inspect my tea with vigour...fresh milk please! I will listen to all the guest authors with interest whilst trying not to fall asleep. I may also make conversation, with the less suspicious of course, so not to get bored.

But most of all I am going because its a little bit odd and something different and I need to expand on my skill of writing something great.

So bye for now, God Bless and amen.

PS: Now where are those darkened glasses of mine!!!!???