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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Ten minute blog....not quite!

Well here I sit with my iPad writing a quick blog just for the sake of writing a quick blog because I haven't wrote a blog, a good blog for sometime. You know, the one that gets you noticed, instant fame, a column in a national rag, one that goes viral in 24hours...yes that type of blog.

But, to write that sort of blog in ten minutes I would have to be a bloody genius of some sort and have blogged about something that has captured the nation's heart strings more or less. Can I do it...well with four minutes gone probably not so...!

So here is what I ought to have done...wife is at bingo and due back soon. Dinner for her is two small jacket spuds, chopped salad and egg mayo. Now with only two minutes left please wish me luck...

Well the leaf is ready done in a bag from the local shop, spuds have been in for last 20 mins so should be blackened by now and crisp and soft inside, egg mayo was contrived earlier in day and I am about now to slice the tomatoes and cucumber and so present all on a plate.

I sort of, well...what can I say...but...effing hate cooking...you see I am the sort who can but won't or can't do...and when you suffer mental illness cooking is one of the least things to worry about and certainly one of the most stressful household tasks.  So in having to take five minutes out from writing just now, have I achieved the ultimate expectant salad for my love...well the proof is in the pudding so to say!

le salad...

Success...I so think! She loves me!

God bless and amen.

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