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Saturday, 20 December 2014

A card for good cheer....

A card for good cheer

Does delivering a card bring good cheer,
Why have you not bothered any other year.
What are you after to shove a card through my door,
And you turn and run when it falls on the floor.
Have you no gumption to knock and see,
If at this time of year how is me.

Well I stare out the window at passers-by,
It's been that way for a long old time.
No ever calls at any other time of year,
Except at Christmas to bring good cheer.
My neighbours of old have all passed on,
Replaced with new faces and families their names to me are so anon.

Yet now  I watch and listen from above,
I was once the neighbour that everyone loved.
And just to say why I don't answer the door,
It is because I am not here anymore.
Because no people they called into see,
I died in my sleep in my chair lonely.
So thank you so much for the card to bestow good cheer,
I will open it in Heaven with my Lord this year.

God bless and amen.

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