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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Well what a Halloween that was...

Now that one day holiday event is yet gain over for another year and as some breathe a sigh of relief that the night caused them no pain, and as all the little children be they 5 year-olds or well into their teenage years trudge off home to devour the sweets and count their monies gained, it is always nice to dwell on the written word of humour to make lite of public life.

For instance, the season is about ghosts and the like so a good written one liner will always go down well at this time of year, especially so when the clocks have just turned back that hour bringing on the darkness much quicker than we all expect, as usual…

‘Jeez thought I saw a four legged ghost...then realized I dropped tea towel on the dog...lol’

Ah yes, this one written line has power to amuse because it focuses on our own lives in real-time, as we can imagine that this could happen, does happen and probably has happened.

But do we really like this time of year, is it now so deep in tradition to have groups of fancy dress clad family and strangers knocking at our doors that we regard it as entertainment, to put on our door stops cut out images in pumpkins, to have ready a bowl full of sweets to hand so readily to callers when all we want is an evening of undisturbed peace and tranquility.

I know of some who invested well in those Haribo’s and Allsorts and did not get any callers at all and then there were those who were unselfishly pranked by the mischievous few who had desire to remove bikes and smash those pumpkins…sadly yes we have to live with the extreme.

Apart from the fancy dressing up bit and reflecting on the good and bad of the evening there is always the given comical side to this time of year…mostly in pictures of very artistically inventive pumpkin designs…but could any of you peeps imagine this…

  ‘Well what a Halloween that was...as we heard the knock of the last callers, we had run out of sweets,    decided to make shadow of myself in front door window, prior to opening, and raised my arms up like a beast, and letting out a blood curdling growl as thought this would entertain the little ones outside my door.
   However, on opening the door I was greeted not with the customary "trick or treat" but by two rather wide-eyed expressionless faces whom said, “ Would one like to take our leaflet The Watchtower and may you visit Kingdom Hall one day...do you think things happen for a reason?"
I certainly do my dear friends, I certainly do...LOL’

This story of course is fictional, yet comical and would never happen…er, could it? It enlightens our approach to Halloween whilst encompassing our disdain to the work of Jehovah’s and encaptures those foolish moments when we might act first and think later…we all love to chuckle at those embarrassing moments of human life.

Anyway best go as I have discovered new word of an old saying, “Making wholeness heals the maker…” – something said by Christopher Alexander…who? Um, exactly what I thought!

God bless and amen.

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