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Saturday, 12 July 2014

What's the point of it all...what's the bloody point?

Ever wondered in what is the point of it all. No doubt many have asked and pondered this question countless times. Almost certainly there will never be an answer because no one knows the answer, so what's the bloody point in asking of it in the first place.

For example, in the footballing world cup finals is there are any point in the two teams contesting for third and forth place...I mean in an Olympics both teams would have been placed third, given bronze medals...it makes sense does it not?


Lets look at this in a completely different way. Today, in my home town, this Sunday marks something special in our community...it is the 25th Anniversary since the terrorist bombing of the Deal Barracks in which 11 Royal Marine Bandsmen died. It is special because it holds something sincere, a special remembrance to gather together, and most importantly to be part of more righteous place in our own worlds.

Twenty five years ago was the day a struggle, someone else's warring, came to our town. I can recall that day vividly and the most of it all were the sirens of emergency vehicles, all day long...all day long!

A lot has happened in 25 years, where one war ends a new begins...from the Cod Wars to the Falklands, from Ireland to the Middle East, from Bosnia to the Ukraine we have had wars and still  today we have wars...from the Second World War to global terrorism.

So if in that war, we generally ask what is the point...to those involved there is a point, but to those looking in from the outside we will ask and cast opinion and give help and criticism in a civilised order. Why? because we want to pass on sincerity so those affected can survive in a more righteous place and have no need to go to war again.

No one man
Not one man can answer this question and no one man alone has even attempted it...not even our Gods could answer this, but there have been those who have tried, but not on their own.
Jesus has, Hitler has, Karl Marx has, Julius Caesar has, President Bush has, Blair has, The Iron Lady has, Bin Laden has, Chairman Mao has, Churchill has, Marco Polo has...all in their own ways have attempted to ask of this question and attempted in their own ways and writings to influence the point of it all. But look closer and they were part of greater organisations which gave them the platforms to attempt and influence the asking of this question.
Most significantly, they were all leaders of people or pioneers and influenced others to follow them, supposedly for the greater good. There are others too...Robin Hood, Mandela, Joan of Arc, Tito, Mussolini, Livingston, Henry the VIII, General Custer, Napoleon, Nelson, Wellington, Queen Victoria, Elizabeth the First, Drake, Neil Armstrong, Pele.
This list is probably endless, and you could all name local people to add to this list, probably starting with your own family and friends naturally. Many will still hold influence today...Thatcherism will forever be a part of politics; the bible writings of our main religions will always be central to our lives; we would all like to be the modern day Robin Hood and many children aspire to be the next Pele or man on the moon.
Personal Acumen
However, in general, in trying to get to the answer is all down to ourselves as individuals, living within our own close knit or loosely knit communities. We all will have the struggle of relationships, money and debt, studying and education, new experiences, health and getting old or sudden change...an unexpected event. This is the tree of life and each of us has our own branch but the knack is to prune it correctly...sadly we are not all taught on how to do that task.
We all have to conform to our leaders, for that is the way of the world, and no one can blame themselves for the community they are born into...that is just pot luck in a way! However, if you have the acumen, learning, understanding and mostly the will to achieve...could you influence the point of it all. My answer to that is no...well one might do for the short term. What about long term?
Take for instance, recycling of waste, a world wide problem to which many, many moans and groans have been said. But the art of recycling is not akin to those who suffer with mental illness or disability because they may need champions or carers to assist, so to them the pont of recycling is lost at inception because they might fail to understand its concept because of their disadvantage.
and the bloody point is...
So, what is the bloody point in all this, have I answered the question, are you all any more clearer?? Well, no...so what was the point? Well, this is my blog, my modern day soapbox and I have the tools to make my self heard and I like to think I use them well...a smart phone, an iPad and a strange desire to write a load of trollop. I have my own problems but in my journey on my branch I have seen much worse.
As it is, with great sincerity and acumen I must now bog off to the real world and leave you all wondering still...and the bloody point is?? Trust I have enlightened you all. Amen and God bless.