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Saturday, 22 March 2014

I'm the king of the castle kind of Budget...

It is ironic that the Chancellor gave the most condescending budget of all time this week. Was he really taking a dig at the working class when he announced a cut in Bingo Tax and in duty on beer...was this a ploy, a defiant plan of mischief with subtleness, a chuckle in the back of the room.

Whoever might have wrote the words, "I am king of the castle and you're a dirty rascal", had they wrote this phrase today, would be contacting their lawyers searching out to sue the snobbish fool for copyright. And we should not forget that famous French Queen whom was quoted during the French Revolution of those most famous words, "Let them eat cake!!"...to which led to her fall from grace.

Yes, this was a piece of pioneering bravado so clever it ought stink in the annals of history in years to come. This was no doubt a two fingered salute...but who was it directed towards. Well in general the working class of this nation but, take hint and heed, this week also marked 30 years of the Miners' Strike.

Up and down the country many communities have remembered the Miners' Strike of 1984...a titanic struggle of the working class trying to protect their jobs and their neighbourhoods. More greater than the Winter of Discontent, more  significant than the Jarrow March and no doubted just as equal to the Tolpuddle Martyrs...

However, the country is not about to erupt in violence...only in cars are we intolerant of others...but if you know British politics, then you will be aware of the Chancellor's name, Mr. Osbourne and you might even know that opposition shadow chappie is very oddly named.

So, I don't play bingo and hardly drink beer, and therefore I say to Mr. Osbourne, Ed Balls to you. Amen.

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