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Friday, 28 March 2014

Everything is normal...

Well here I am, wide awake, early in the morning typing away and thinking of something to blog about...Mmmm! Difficult this is cos you see not much to blog about, no juicy gossip to tell, no significant events to moan about, no shouting from the roof tops and not much to take the pee out of...yes this week has just been - now how can I best describe it - boring, no; interesting, no; normal...yes that's it, normal, life has just been normal.

Normal, not a very good state to be in and not a bad state to be in, often the term has been used in classic comedy...was it not in the "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" that all those bits pointing out to space, listening for other life forms, simply missed the large yellow space fleet of the Vogans that had come along to demolish the Earth, failing to spot them as everything was 'normal'. And then there was Marvin, the most intelligent robot ever built who hated being normal...he was depressed you see.

Normal, it can sure make one's week drag..."Had a long week at work..." people say. Silly billies, no longer than last week and gonna be no longer than next week. What you mean to say is "Had to do a lot of goddamn overtime at work with no blasted reward or a pat on the back or a simple thank you!"; or you mean to say, "Work was a boring as it normally is and that bright spark...the dishy blonde, the gorgeous hunk...was on holiday this week!" Yep, work was normal had to actually work!. No day dreaming, no birthday cake (as no one had a birthday), no accidents...success to all those rants and lectures about health and safety...get real, the dishy blonde and gorgeous hunk are on holiday!

Gosh, even one of the tabs on my Blogger toolbar states the word "Normal"....need a subheading?!

...in the News...

As it is I have my Facebook page open, the 24hr news on...do not have a radio...and well everything is pretty much everyday sort of stuff. No wait a minute...same sex marriages become law. Well that just might be significant to talk of cos I don't recall reading of that in the Bible...no, noooooo...haven't got an inkling to say about that just good luck to those who now have the same right as with heterosexual marriage.
Ah, Tony Benn, a great British politician, a Labour statesman passed away....no, noooooo...cannot think of anything controversial to say of Mr Benn.  It were much more fun when Maggie, the Iron Lady, passed away...gosh in her death she stirred just as much lively debate as when she became the first woman leader of British politics. So, Tony Benn, same era as Maggie, nope not even a wink and a nod, just private respect which is deserving of everyone.
Wait a minute, a 5.1 earthquake has just struck in California...no panic then...probably have taken it in their stride. Why?..it's just an earthquake zone is it not? A bigger measured quake hit Japan last week and did not New Zealand record the most quakes in one hour just recently.  Normal, just normal stuff...we are all waiting for the big one so they say!
And the plane...the biggest mystery outside of the Bermuda Triangle and the Mary Celeste...still looking for it and searching the ocean with planes, ships and satellites. It so sad for all those lost as their families need closure. Alas, all I know of planes is that if something goes wrong then it will inevitably be your last moment in life.  Maybe that's why I fear of having to fly anywhere and it still is one of the safest forms of transport...so I am told.


Well the annexation of Crimea by Russia...pretty much normal procedure...something they could get away with? Hang on...need to have a best understanding of history here...nope cannot be compelled into all of that research other than that the British were there at the turn of the last century. Charge of the Light Brigade and eh?...Florence Nightingale the Lady of the Lamp...if my history serves me well? Oh and it was here that Churchill fought as a young officer.
Yep, pretty much normal for this to have happened. Just think had Russia not stepped in and the region slipped into civil war...is this not for all an area of the world where East meets West. Yes, I believe that Russia did the right thing...not maybe the correct way of doing business...but then why the hell did the Western Allies go to war in Iraq or look at the world response of when America invaded that Caribbean island...for Christ sake it were part of the British Commonwealth...now what was the island...doesn't matter it were just somewhere very insignificant to normal life.
So to understand Russia's move needs some well presented research. The more concerning of us all is if war is declared on Russia...highly unlikely...is the answer but I do worry about this happening. I mean what would become of Chelsea Football Club in the Premier League...all that money from that Russian billionaire would be withdrawn. Those top paid stars of football would leave for elsewhere...maybe not to Manchester United (no pun intended)...and Chelsea would soon find themselves relegated to the depths of English football. Dreadful and unthinkable...Mr Putin, Barak Obama...you bloody fools! And who the hell footed the bill for that phone call?

...Yep; everything is normal...


Yep, everything seems very much normal this week...same old news, same old happenings...mostly bad as always with snippets of good. Surely there must be more good than bad. Of course there is we have social media...ah have someone who has found a dead cat whilst digging over their garden, nice one! Funny, my good wife, her baking page has given her some fame...she has had someone asking from South Korea if she could give them some home baking lessons. That is so delightful!
Well, I best get on with the housework and look forward to enjoying the weekend and get on with the normal stuff that men do...you know; the ironing, dusting, laundry, cleaning, cooking etc...ha, ha...I mean the lazing about of course.  To hell is that a knock at the door...sshh! Jehovah's! Haven't a clue what they all witnessed but it isn't normal...go away!
Well goodbye and God bless...(and you Jehovah's...well f*&k...to you as well!)