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Monday, 17 October 2016

A Robin's Love...

They say the robin is a bird of myths and that a robin pulled thorns from Jesus as he was crucified. And the robin is also pictured on Christmas cards. It is indeed a beautiful bird and if you are in the garden working, extremely friendly.

However, I sincerely believe that the robin, should it fly into your home, is a sign of someone passing. But here below I have put a little twist on those myths. Is the robin a Cupid soul...you never know. But rye to that football terrace song:

" When the red, red, robin comes bob, bob, bobbing along.
Shoot the bastard, shoot the bastard, shoot, shoot, shoot the bastard."

So gloriously sung by our once teacher, Mrs Hughes...a very snobby teacher who had accompanied us on our all boys school outing to Wembley Stadium. 

A Robin's Love

He tilled the soil, a robin came close watching him, fluttering around, hopping back and forth. He held myths about robins, a sign someone passing. But he smiled,  happy in a friend close by in his lonely work.
"Tea?", called the lady.

"Okay, thanks!".       

They talked as the robin eyed them both. Refreshed, he finished his work, the robin perched near.  Looking at the lady, empathy pounded his heart. 

Task completed, a beautiful creation, she smiled and thanked him, the robin flying around as their eyes met.      
"See you..two weeks", they said laughing.
"Yes, yes please", sang the robin.
God bless. Amen.