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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Mental Health and Wellbeing - My Story

This is my story and no one else's so why should I tell you I suffer from anxiety and depression...yes a mental health problem is what I have. You can't see it unless I am sad. You can't smell it unless I have done something unbearable in my pants...or haven't bothered to change my clothes for several or more days. Yes that's me!
Well I did okay at school and passed 6 o's, got the sums wrong in an accountancy office, posted the wrong mail in other letterboxes, counted out timber 'til I was board (bored)...ha,ha;  get it...I survived being almost assaulted by lorry drivers, got married, had a kid, got divorced, went to Uni, gained a tutu; drove a bus, packed salads, despatched salads, got married again and still am; had two kids. We have a house, a mortgage. a mountain of debt, a pet, a car...in 2009 I became ill (I didn't know).
I tried, we tried to carry on as normal but by 2012 I cracked...am I broken man...well I feel down but not sure if I am broken...it is here the battle ought to commence and commence it will.